COVID-19 safety measures

We are working hard to ensure the safety of not only our patients but our staff as well.  In addition to maintaining social distancing by reducing the usual number of patients we normally see and careful disinfection of all commonly touched surface areas, we have also re-engineered the air filtration in our office to keep the air as clean as possible.

By incorporating several medical grade IQ AIR HEPA FILTERS throughout the office, the air in our operatories is recycled every 5 minutes and the entire office in as little as 30 minutes.  These filters are Swiss made and have been used in all Hong Kong hospitals since the SARS epidemic many years ago.

We have also added AIR SCRUBBER PLUS technology by AERUS to our HVAC and ducting system which also aids in purifying the air.  This is technology that is utilized by NASA.  Please click the above highlighted links to see how these technologies work.